Hygeia: Ozone & Alternative Therapies

Evergreen’s premier IV therapy and wellness center!

What we believe.

It is only in health that one can live their highest potential and reach their goals, leaving a lasting positive impact for years to come. Why do we do ozone, IV’s and shots? It is the fastest, most effective way to give your body the vital nutrients it needs. Our desire is to optimize your bodies systems.

In a toxic, stressful world that is moving at mock speed, it is easy for our health to break down. We all need extra support in the maintenance of our bodies regardless of where your health is, to avoid our bodies systems in breaking down. This is why, at Hygeia we believe in detoxing, integrating high quality therapeutic nutrients and then maintaining your health. We know your time is limited, so we have done the research for you and resourced your vitamins and nutrients at a discounted price, easily accessed through your client portal.

We believe every human being deserves to live a healthy life and be the best version of themselves. We work with clients who regardless of health condition, or your health goals, elite or everyday athletes, they understand that it is only through commitment over time, with consistency that change occurs.

Partnering for Success

We work with Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors and Holistic Dentists to support your outcomes with their procedures and protocols. We are also happy to refer you to our network of Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors and Holistic Dentists who we respect that have high integrity and care for their clients.

Mindful of the Environment

We are very aware that medical packaging has a large footprint, so here at Hygeia we pay extra to have our IV bags and products disposed and destroyed with ozone, which leaves very little waste.

The Purpose

To share the highest quality health care, nutrients and education with clients, who have a passion for living their best life and reaching their highest potential.

The Vision

Is that every human has access to high quality health care and therefore every person’s gifts are offered to each other, their families and the world.

The Mission

That we provide the highest quality nutrients and care to our clients, so they may live a superhuman life. That each client becomes empowered and educated in their health and vitality through our high-quality products and care.


Is that everyone who comes through our door, optimizes their health. Our infusion therapies present an alternative option for natural wellness to the general public. Because our IV therapies are safe, effective, and backed by research, our drips and programs can help you naturally recover, repair, rejuvenate, recharge, and refresh.

Above all, we strive to provide the best, most efficient, and safest natural treatments using the highest quality ingredients, therapeutic dosages, and research-backed therapies.

Moreover, we hope to continue to evolve to meet the ever-growing demand for natural treatments and remedies