Living Cells

What are Living Cells?

Living Cells are derived from the umbilical cord tissue from carefully screened and selected healthy mothers.

The tissue contains a high concentration of proteins and growth factors which are used to maximize and accelerate the body’s own ability to regenerate inflamed areas.

Each product is best in class, supported by 3rd party testing results and are produced in high integrity U.S. laboratories that have passed rigorous FDA inspections and have a well-established safety record.

This product has been proven to contain 20-30% MSC’s (compared to less than 1% in cord blood-based products.)

Living cells are a part of our natural and healing repair system. They are unique in that they can become any type of cell in your body and promote the growth of healthy cells. Living cells work by increasing the number of signals sent to activate the body’s internal healing system by powering it with more of its repair cells.

Living cells are usually dormant in many areas of the body and are activated by signals that our blood growth factors and proteins will send to inform of damage or inflamed areas. Deploying them intravenously into the blood stream, activates them so when they reach their destination, they become the type of cell in the area, where they promote healthy cell function. This natural process loses power as we age or isn’t done effectively for some serious conditions or injuries of the body.

Hygeia takes pride in offering the most comprehensive bio-ethically obtained Living Cells product on the US market! Our living cells are one of the only products on the market shown to result in MSC colony formation on definitive CFU assay.


  • Cost Effective: A cost-effective alternative for clients facing the need for expensive surgery.
  • Non-Surgical: An injection is a non-surgical, in office procedure without the risk of blood clots, scarring or infection.
  • Quick Recovery: Treatments require very little recovery downtime, with most patients returning to normal activity in the same day and full recovery within 3-6 months.
  • Regenerate and Repair: Treatments don’t just mask symptoms. It heals, restores and regenerates your body back to its natural state of health.
  • No Threat of Rejection: All cells are immune privileged and will not cause an adverse reaction.


  • Anti-Aging
  • Mitochondria Regeneration
  • Symptoms of arthritis & joint pain
  • Injuries from sports or accidents
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Energy levels & performance
  • Muscle strength & tone
  • Hair regrowth
  • Skin tone & facial appearance
  • Symptoms of sexual dysfunction.


Are Living Cells safe?

For the most part, the risks of Living Cell infusions are minimal. However, because several risks do exist, it’s important to speak to your provider before deciding to embark on the treatment process.

The main risks include:

  • Contamination from viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens or toxins. Any contamination can disrupt the body’s normal function or even cause disease upon flowing into the blood.
  • Living cells do have the capacity to grow out of control, just like cancer. It is rare and not very common for cells injected or infused to start multiplying abnormally.
  • Infection at the IV injection site.
  • Bleeding or anemia as a result of the infusion, rare.
  • The treatment does not work. In this case, the patient may not feel any worse for the wear, but the intended benefits of the transplant simply don’t take hold, and the patient is in the same position as before, which is disappointing and, in some cases, devastating.

However, despite their fearsome-sounding nature, these risks are rare. Patients who receive Living cell infusions often see a significant improvement after receiving the treatment!

How are Living Cells administered?

Living Cells can be administered via IV, or micro-needled into the face for facials or the scalp for hair restoration.

How long does one session take?

Living cell treatments only take 45 minutes. The entire process may take up to an hour.

All Living Cell infusions come with a complimentary O3UV Prior to you Living Cells treatment to maximize your results. Add 1 hour drip time.

Additional Recommended Treatment After procedure: IV Living Cells Support, Add 1 hr additional drip time.

How often do I need treatment?

Infusions are weight based and an individual treatment plan will be established during your consult. A typical IV dose for most people is 3cc. It is safe to receive Living Cells every 3 months for anti-aging purposes or to help repair chronic issues, however, most people will get their 1st infusion and come back for a 2nd infusion 6 months later and then as needed.

What ingredients are inside the Living Cells treatments?

Lactated Ringer’s, Living Cells, Tri-Amino

How do I schedule my first appointment?

A consult is required so that we can evaluate each patient on an individual basis. From there, we can provide a treatment plan based on your exact needs and desires.

After you have decided that this treatment is right for you, a 50% deposit is required to purchase. The cells are overnighted on dry ice to the office and need to be administered within 2 days of arrival, or they will die. We will schedule a day that this works for you and schedule treatment accordingly.

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