The Hygeia Team

Holly Deffert, RN

Holly Deffert, RN- Colorado native and lifelong student. Her greatest passion is the study and implementation of functional, integrative and regenerative medicine. Her mission is helping others live their most vital life! Holly’s approach to healing was influenced by conventional medicine with 13 years of working as an ER. She became frustrated with our current health care system and uninspired by being of service in a way that did not have a long-term impact. She decided to step out of emergency medicine and change her focus towards vitality and prevention by training in holistic and cutting-edge proven modalities optimizing the health of her clients. She now trains doctors and nurses on ozone administration through SOPMed.

In studying vitality and seeing the impact of degenerative health and working with alternative doctors, Hygeia’s health system became clear. One must detox, implement high quality nutrients and maintain their health. Holly knows how fast things are moving and offers many ways to get to your health goals. She offers customized wellness programs, supplements, medical ozone and UV light therapy, vitamin IV’s, pushes, shots and cosmetic rejuvenation. Holly has trained with many doctors and has different protocols to follow depending on your goals and needs.

Holly is passionate about Ozone and incorporates it into her care to optimize the body’s immune system along with high nutrients. In a world that is constantly challenging our immune system and the challenges we face with Covid, she believes that adding ozone into your life is imperative to your vitality. She looks forward to working on your health goals, educating you, having a laugh and giving you great quality care.

Wherever you are at on your vitality journey, Holly’s compassion for others, positive attitude and colorful bright attire bring joy to every appointment.

Stefany Carstensen, NP (Medical Director)

I became a Nurse over 20 years ago, and initially, I worked in the inpatient hospital setting, in a variety of settings including oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, ICU, Labor and Delivery and a Medical Surgical unit. I rapidly became frustrated by the fact that so many of the patients I cared for struggled with chronic diseases that were often related to choices in diet and lifestyle. Additionally, the traditional Western medical system was not focused on healing, it seemed focused on treating symptoms without actually improving patient health. After I became a Nurse Practitioner in 2008, I dedicated my practice to helping patients improve their lifestyles and nutritional approaches, while working to empower patients with education and supportive self care strategies.

My approach with patients is patient centered and compassionate. My goal is to partner with you, and to offer you tools, education and support so that you can feel and be your very best. I utilize Functional Medicine principles in order to truly get to the root cause of your symptoms, and together, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is effective, manageable and focused not just on treating your symptoms but on restoring balance to your body.

I graduated from the University of Colorado College of Nursing with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing in 2000. I returned to school a few years later, and graduated from my alma mater with a Master’s Degree in Nursing in 2008 and became Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Finally, out of a desire to deepen my own spiritual and yoga practice, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Whole Yoga in Denver Colorado in 2013. Additionally, I have continued my education in the fields of Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine on an ongoing basis and have the honor of being granted the designation of Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) in December 2019.