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IV Therapy Membership Program

Sign up and save! Our hassle-free VIP program comes with discounted pricing on nutritional shots, pushes, IV drips, O3UV/ HiDose Therapy, NAD+ therapy, Specialty IV Therapy, wellness program consultations, supplements, and products.

Save On Wellness!!

Discounted Prices

Receive special VIP pricing on nutritional shots, pushes, IV infusions, O3UV/ HiDose O3UV therapy, NAD+ therapy, ALA-Poly-MVA, Phosphatidylcholine (PTC), Glutathione, and more.

Easy to Sign Up

Sign up by clicking the links provided to complete the membership agreement contract.

Monthly AutoPay

Set up monthly autopay with your desired credit card information. Failed payments may result in a fee.

Minimal Commitment

Three month minimum to sign up. Month to month thereafter, cancel anytime with a 30 day’s notice.


Hygeia offers a monthly or yearly option designed as a preventative service to keep your body and cells feeling vibrant, to keep stress levels in check, boost immunity and energy. The Hygeia Membership is customized with each individual in mind, so you can tailor your appointments to your needs.

Single Member

$25/month • $275/year

Discounts on IVs
Discounts on Pushes
Discounts on Shots
Discounts on Specialty Therapy & IV’s
Special Pricing on Products and Supplements
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3 Month Minimum

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